What is Spencer3D?

Spencer3D is a holistic suite of web-based apps to support young people. They provide assessment, intervention and management of mental health, development and learning difficulties, attributes and skills for learning.

Solving one of teaching’s biggest frustrations

Getting support from professionals such as clinical psychologists, CAMHS and speech and langauge therapists can be incredibly hard as their services are often stretched. Spencer3D Professional is a software programme specially designed as a tool to assess and support the mental health, wellbeing and development of the individual student. 

Its' main purpose is to help education professionals understand what their students are having difficulties with, but more importantly, to provide them with advice and guidance on how to support the individual student's needs.

How does Spencer3D Professional help my pupils?

Spencer3D Professional identifies a student’s unique strengths and difficulties using a series of simple questionnaires.

The questions cover every aspect that has a bearing on an individual’s ability to succeed. Students are assessed in terms of their unique physical, environmental, neurodevelopmental and cognitive, emotional and relationship needs.

By working through these themes for an individual student, Spencer3D Professional provides practical interventions that are designed to empower teachers to help and support the student more effectively.

The results from the dashboard can be used to guide targeted action plans, or to gather evidence to support referral of a child or young person to more specialist help if appropriate.

How do I start with Spencer3D Professional

Schools can access to Spencer3D Professional online. To start, teachers simply set up bespoke profiles for individual students using unique identifiers. Spencer3D Professional then provides a questionnaire covering all aspects of the emotional and behavioural needs of the student - it considers strengths and areas for development in terms of mental health, well-being and development.

If you would like to be part of our pilot development programme, all you need to do is register and then you can make any number of profiles for the young people in your care.