How to access Spencer3D Professional

The Spencer3D programmes are easy to access online tools. They are designed to be intuitive to use so you can focus on finding the right solution for the student.

To access the Spencer3D programmes, you will need to register and set up a login to enable you to create student proflies.

There are different pricing plans depending on how many profiles you feel you will want to create and how many students you want to assess.

1. Choose the plan that suits your needs.

There are likely to be 4 Plans when Spencer3D Professional is fully available:

·      Up to 10 Student Profiles 

·      Up to 20 Student Profiles

·      Up to 50 Student Profiles 

·      Over 50 Student Profiles 

2. Complete the online purchase process.

You will need to register your details. You can then pay for Spencer3D using a credit card via the PayPal payment gateway or if you prefer select to have request an invoice.

If you choose invoice, you will receive an invoice via email. Our payment terms are payment within 15 days of invoice date, which is the date of registration.

After an invoice has been issued you will receive your login details to access Spencer3D via your registered email.

3. Log in.

Once logged in you will have full access to the Spencer3D Professional profiling tools.

What is a Profile?

A profile is an overall view of the behavioural characteristics and attributes of a young person. This is captured by completing a questionnaire which asks a range of questions to build a clear picture of the student in question.

To start using Spencer3D Professional, you need to create a student profile with a unique identifier for each student, by completing the online questionnaire for each individual student.



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